For some reason this week and a few others have been an extremely stressful one for me.  Oddly enough I point the blame at the Positive Challenge.  That doesn’t sound very positive now does it.  But so many things have happened I’ve kinda wanted to just sit in the corner like this….

OMGoodness....look at that face...I'm not that bad but awwww

There was a misunderstanding at my school…my bike chain popped (on the replacement bike) this morning…some kids showed their butt on monday(so now i’ve been extra sensitive to the lack of respect my students have, that doesn’t help my mood)…my other bike was stolen, etc.  The thing about this is that I KNOW it’s a test….and even because I know doesn’t mean it would hurt any less…it only means I am aware so I know to fight harder for my positivity….. Most spiritual people would look at this post and not be surprised at the least because in my life I’ve heard a lot about the devil testing you and so forth but…meh…I’ll still fighting this positivity…even if it drives me insane in the process…. : )


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