Ahhh. I haven’t wrote in a while for many reasons. Everything was going while in my journey towards the end of my contract. But I have gotten a bit scared. The visa process for Japan was not one I have anticipated. I was under the impression that I can go to Japan and try to get a job. But that from what I heard is illegal. At least since I don’t have sponsor ship at the moment. So while my world seem to have become completely rattled I kinda don’t care. Well I do care but I refuse to think negatively about this. Because it is so easy to get down on myself and give up. I’ve rolled around on my bed a lot and just kinda pondered on the issue which doesn’t help. So meh I am working on keeping the faith and hope. Besides that I am still chugging along with my DJ course while it is becoming a little difficult. I am not trying to get new songs. Now I am learning the Equalizers and keeping a balance in volume which is important for the partygoers but it is driving me nuts my fingers are all over the place. But it is fun…………still. Also these days I am getting my TESOL certification which would be helpful to me when applying for a job. That is okay I will remain being positive. All of this will pass and wherever I’d end up it will be meant so I will be happy. I truly think that I will go to Japan the only difference would be the amount of time it will take. : )


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