So this week, I’ve been a bit troubled.  My guilty pleasure as a Christian is a fascination for Tarot cards and spirituality, and alcohol, and other stuff….but *hmm* moving on.  I am a firm believer that there is something else out there living among us.  Anyway, this week i’ve been curious about some things.  This is something i do every now and again.  When my mind is too cloudy, I always try to seek answers from a higher being.  I need direct answers, I haven’t become skilled in recognizing when GOD is talking to me yet.  Anyway, I wanted to seek spiritual guidance, someone who can put what GOD has for me in perspective.  So on Monday maybe Tuesday I called up a potential spiritual counselor.  This woman i spoke to was very accurate.  She knew a lot about me, about my troubles that I have had, especially in the dating aspect.  And she’s selling me…….the price was $500 woah…she was accurate but i didn’t want to pay that.  Especially since she was very pushy about the payment and said that she was in Ohio when she was actually in Texas… i figured out it was a company.  But anyway, that lady kinda depressed me, just kinda brought up feelings I wasn’t trying to think about it.  But she did get me to thinking about a way to cure my problems instead of just being silly.  So I talked to my friend’s mother and she recommended someone else to me.  Someone who has worked with her.  Her name was Connie Austin.  Her company is this one  “Till we meet again”.  Yesterday evening I had an appointment with her.  It was such a great experience.  Connie’s gift is the ability to speak to people from the other side.  I was incredibly nervous to talk to her just in case she started talking about some things that were hard for me to deal with.  But she talked to my Grandmothers, Grandfather and my Aunts even my Great-grandmother.  It was great very comforting.  I recommend it for many people.  She was able to talk about things that she would have no idea about, so I believed her a great deal.  While my initial purpose was to find out some silly love question and what the stars hold in my future.  So now I have a mission to go on.  Some of the things that were suggested to me were to get a cat….and I did, my friend will give me one soon.  Pray more, talk to God more and talk to my Grandmothers more.  Also to make a dish that is a family tradition.  On Sunday mornings my Grandmother would make Macaroni & cheese, hot dogs and applesauce.  So now i have to make it, but Korea doesn’t sell Applesauce.  But I found a great recipe online that i’m excited to try out….But anyhow, as I continue on my path of greatness, I think this was a great step in the right direction.  : )


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  1. Be very careful about seeking a medium. I would caution you to go within your own heart and meditate and ask for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and ears of your heart and your spiritual senses so you can hear the voice of God. I believe Yeshua said “why seek the dead when you can speak to the Living One” I would recommend staying as far away from the astral plane, and go directly to the One Counselor, the Advocate, the Guide, the Teacher, the one Power and Presence of God: the Holy Spirit. I would only trust the Living Master: Yeshua HaMashiach who promised he was sending us the Holy Spirit. Go to the top, the best. You do not need a mediator when you can go to the Causal level and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Become empowered by the Spirit of God to “Be still and know that I am God”

  2. eothemina says:

    Did you get the cat? How are you doing this week?

    • I am doing well this week. I’m honestly still waiting on some info about the cat. It’s still nursing that I know of.

      • eothemina says:

        I’m still learning how to use this darn thing!!! I’m glad that you’re doing ok. Yesterday, little miss picked up the cell phone, and handed it to me, saying, “Mommy, call Miss Keva. I wanna talk to Miss Keva!” But, I was running off to work, and I knew that you were already at work. But, I will call you tonight! It’s been too long.

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