This is the most i’ve ever wrote in this blog in a 7 day time.  Meh~ got a lot to say i guess.  Well there is no microphone here….that was homage to an old song which I thought was a rap song, until I started to look it up for this entry and realized it was by Beck…..i looked through several songs.  Because I remember hearing the phrase when I was younger but I didn’t know anyone that was interested in Beck or even rock music when I was younger.  But that chorus was something appreciated by many i guess…..maybe some rapper made a song and sampled Beck…idk.  Anyway that’s not important.  What is important is that I don’t have a microphone.  I have a guitar.  An electric one this time….so i am super excited.   I got it from the same friend who loaned me the classical acoustic guitar.  And now the guitar training category here will no longer just take up space.  I have also been a bit broke this month so I haven’t been doing extra spending, but when i get the chance…i feel bad for my neighbors, because cute little amp here i come.  And maybe some classes this time, instead of doing it all by myself.  I really want to learn so I think it would be better if I did.  Right now I am listening to Barack’s speech.  I am late I know but I am happy to take the time to finally get to do it.  I have already sent off for my ballot and I hope it arrives before the cut off date.  I signed up for unaffiliated.  Because I do want to take a moment and listen to what the Republicans have to say.  Right now just going off of character alone, I prefer the Democrats.  But going off policies i want to listen more first.  But anyway….two interviews….that part is true.  In about 5 days I will attend a Seminar something similar to an interview and another Skype interview.  I’m still in the quest to fulfill my dream to live in Japan.  I will, I think.  I have strong faith, that i will.  Although politics….geez POLITICS and football are making a bit homesick.  When I first started this blog and wanted to go to Japan, I think my mindset was different.  Even though it’s hardly a year so much can go on and in that short time.  So here’s to two interviews and more on the way.  : )  Btw…this is technically day 3 of the Intermittent fasting program.  Have I notice a difference.  No not really, but it’s day 3.  But I also noticed this fasting is pretty easy.  I have a bad habit of eating at night…so that is difficult.  So I decided to be more productive during that time.  So keeping at this fast would be easy…i know eventually I will start to see the result.  Eventually, hopefully not this time next year though.


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  1. ajames83rd says:

    Good luck with your interviews, Keva! Hang in there, you’ll start to see fruits of your labor (interviews and fasting)!

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