So I’m sitting here….I have about 45 minutes at work and I don’t really know what to do with myself.  I am a bit exhausted….well my eyes are.  From staring at a computer all day, when I go home i will continue to stare at it some more maybe even a  TV and such.  Also I have a bad habit of falling asleep in the afternoon and being awake all damn day.  This happened to me last night, boo to me.  I do it so much, it’s kinda embarassing.  I guess  should just start going to bed early like my older sister and mother does.  they tend to be n the bed super early so much so that it was a running joke for years.  What’s going on in my world. Really, nothing but so much at the same time.  I have about 6 weeks left in Korea and I’m still hearing the crap about me not being able to get stuff.  For example my plane ticket.   It was said I would be able to get it but now there is a chance I won’t be……..W.T.H.  So I was angry but it’s no point.  Either I do or I don’t not enough time to run home now and get a part time job while I waited for my visa and junks.  Thanks for that.  Either way I know I can’t depend on them to get it because there is a chance that I won’t…..and who in the hell knows the percentage.  Like f the odds are in my favor or not.   I don’t think that counts here.  They really wanted me to stay, but,  I have other things I want to see…sorry it’s time t go.  I am good at my job and there aren’t many people lined up after the “super exciting” job that I have. If there were I think me leaving would be much easier, like it was for the last two.  Honestly, I’m not in the mood to get upset and argue about this situation.  Either they will or they won’t it’s in GOD’s hands.  I just have to be prepared for what’s next in ether situation.  Anyway, I can’t remember when was the last time i wrote but I did get the job in Japan…::::insert weak & tired victory dance:::: that clip isn’t weak, it’s pretty cool but still…..i’m still too tired.  I’m crazy excited about getting the job and is psyched about getting to Japan.  I am just in limbo with this Visa…. : (  I hope it comes quick.  I was missing one document but i sent it anyhow.  I was told to do so.  But that one has yet to get to Japan though.  I am hoping tomorrow.  Then it would be slightly over a week.  I’m not really for sure how long packages take from one place to the other.  Right now I can’t help but to be annoyed with Korea…but it’s only because i feel like I am in Limbo.  My new chapter will be starting soon and i have to wait….damn it i have to WAIT like 3 months or so.  : ((.   I am crazy happy to be involved with the film group that I have forced my way into.  I don’t even know what I’m doing but it’s great.  The people I’ve worked with from the group so far has been really cool.  So when I leave Korea, I will be sad to leave that.  My well needed outlet that took me a stinky 3 1/2 years to find.  I hope I can get involved with a similar group in Tokyo.  But my networking skills suck.  Anyway.  I really am just rambling because…. I can I suppose.  Most of my friends who find out I am heading to Japan told me to become a vlogger.  There are many in Japan.  There is one guy who has been in Japan around 22 years and he’s kinda the leader of them all.  I don’t think he even meant to be he just is.  He’s a nice guy I enjoy watching him.  But I suck at doing this blog and it’s just writing.  Anyway we’ll see.  I’m sure I’ll do a video or so just showing people what my stuff is like.  So what about guitar training, I’m so glad you ask.  I miss it.  I haven’t been going because I couldn’t even master the damn power chords which are suppose to be so easy.  So I was frustrated and I felt like I was wasting my teacher’s time.  But I bought me a stress ball and I have been trying to strengthen my hands….. but we’ll see.  As I said earlier I kinda got 6 weeks maybe…and I’m already kinda stressed about other things.


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