I am a good nine months in my Japanese life. And I must say it’s alright. It is great when I look at it overall but I can complain if you want me to. I CAN COMPLAIN. : )

Nah~ right now I have an open class and not much to do so I decided to come back and write. Today’s topic is to tell a story. Now here is a little background on me. Whether my close friends believe it or not I am quite introverted. I often avoid social interaction or I use to. Sometimes i don’t want to or feel like talk and i rather sit in the corner with my thoughts. Regardless of how negative/positive or random they are. These days I don’t hide as much as I use to. But as a western person living and working in both Korea and Japan having that type of personality generally clashes with some of the situations you run across.

Prime example TODAY!! This morning when I arrived I reread my schedule and I noticed a period labeled School Event At first I decided to start writing this entry as it says in the above paragraph then shortly after I decided I wanted to go see what was happening (I have a short attention span) So I shuffled my way out to the school grounds (after changing my shoes of course) and watched my students do stuff on the grounds. Now I say do stuff because I had no idea what was happening. I just saw a sea of red and white hats running around and doing something to this song by the group GREEEEEN. And then it happened. My Japanese teacher was walking in my direction. At first I was like…ignore,ignore,ignore maybe she is going inside. Then you can just say Hi or something. But…NOPE. She was heading towards me. And eventually asked me to join in on the festivities. Which was a dance. -___- CRAAAAP that’s what I get for being nosey. So I joined the dance which was fairly easy and fumbling around with the kids was fun but then I realized that since I did it in the practice I’m probably gonna be fumbling through this dance again during the actual event. Which means in front of the parents. AWE-SOME.

This sorta thing is a common occurrence for me. As a westerner in an Asian country you stand out a bit. I still don’t care much for it but I have learned to just go with the punches. It happened way more in Korea or it feels like it did. Maybe it feels that way because in Korea I was more excited about living in another country and wanted to go out everywhere. Here I am just here, living, chilling enjoying life.


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  1. eothemina says:

    You are fun!!! … and I’m hoping that somebody got you on their cell phone, and downloaded it onto youtube, so that those of us at home were able to celebrate in your awesomeness! Keep being fun, please.

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