I have moved several times in my life. Basically started all over. I did in college, when I moved to DC, then again when I moved to Korea and now once more here in Tokyo. One of the things that I didn’t realize much of a hassle it was making legit friends. I don’t know if it is the age that I am or the people. These days I find making friends to be very difficult. Making friends is easier in Korea than here in Japan. I think because when first arriving the foreign community isn’t that into Korean culture so we flocked together faster. Well this was back in 2009 before the boom of Kpop around the world. Now I am sure more english teachers living in Korea actually like the culture. Back in my day (lol) there was only a few of us. Anyway since more people were curious about the culture instead of fans. But here in Japan initially the foreign communities start out as fans. And what I have seen happen is that when they are fans of the country/culture people prefer imitate the natives. Most people made a huge effort to speak Japanese, follow the holiday traditions…etc. Oftentimes the would rather have loads of Japanese fans than foreign friends. Which is interesting but frustrating. For me I was curious about the country so I kinda wanted both Japanese and foreign friends. I have run into both types of people and have made several friends and many associates. What I found interesting is that the groups seem different. Even to the point of how often most people get together. I don’t hang out often but I know some of my other friends do and it feels like that is few and far between. It is interesting. BeFore my best friend and I were attached at the hip. Now the person who is my closest friend in Japan, we see each other like once a month. Something else that is interesting is that I know I could not mix any of my old friends in Korea with the new ones I have made in Japan. And I am so intrigued by that. Because I have been trying to figure out why that may be. Maybe it is me, the stage of life that I am in now, my taste. Now I am not complaining about this. It is just something I have noticed while staying here.


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