The New Years has arrived and I am currently taking my mini vacation in Atami. Here in Japan New Years is very important so for some reason I ended up taking it more serious than Christmas. This is purely by accident. Because I felt bad about not celebrating Christmas so I made sure to not make the same mistake for New Years. And I am very glad I did. It was a great celebration I enjoyed myself both on New Year’s Eve and Day. It is an odd superstition of mine to not bring in the New Years alone or sad. Because this day sets the precedent on how the year will be. I know this is not true but just something I feel. So I had a great time out with friends. On New Year’s Day I did a more Japanese style celebration. I went to the local shrine and did a Hatsumode. This is the first shrine visit. It typically takes place from the 1st – 3rd of the January. From what I hear you can do more than once so since I am here I may do it again. But while there you wash your hands first, pray (in a specific order), then buy amulets (omamori) and get your fortune (omikuji). I would like more amulets. It feels good to be here. Even though I am not very far from Tokyo it still feels great. I made sure to not let many things from Home follow me down here. My cluttered house, the pain in the ass neighbor of mine (who I recently got into an argument with AGAIN), and just my own mind. I said I will come back to those thoughts when I return. While I am here I want to focus on creativity. Taking pictures with my camera, making videos and most importantly writing. I have been meaning to write a screenplay but I haven’t been mentally there to do it. I am hoping here will help with that. In this apartment the owner has not set up wifi. And my cellphone company limits the usage so I must use my phone sparingly. Or at least not as much as I would do normally. But that is alright. I need to do that anyway.


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