So… a little under a month’s time, my entire world just decided to slowly fall around me. Well it didn’t totally. It just felt like it did emotionally. I was a wreck. But I think as the days progress I feel better. Like much better. At the beginning of this month I suddenly realized that my boyfriend is not the ideal boyfriend. Well let me rephrase that he just wasn’t a good boyfriend. There is no such thing as the ideal, I know this, but there is a fine line between being absent minded and being a complete jackass. In my boyfriend’s case he would do a lot of small disrespectful things to me. And since these things are small I would just brush them under the rug. Not really understanding that by doing so I was making room for bigger things to happen. Well now it is over. I made the choice for my own happiness to walk away. It was a very difficult decision but it needed to happen and now I think about it I am glad it happened. What it has done for me was given me the opportunity to look at myself and make some necessary changes. Changes in confidence and stuff like that. I have been single in a long time and I honestly didn’t want to go back but I will go about this situation with dignity and grace and most definitely happiness. I am a free bird. I must spread my wings. There are other men out there. Other nice men. What I am trying my hardest to do now is remain positive. In the beginning i was regretting my decision, my insecurities started to come to the front of my thoughts. So I am doing everything in my power to not allow this thoughts to remain and focus on the good things about me, life and so forth. This is only the beginning. I am excited to see where I end up. : D


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