The end of the year is coming closer and closer.  I am almost finished all of my classes for the month.  So now I don’t have much to do at my schools.  I have the official word that I would be staying at the same schools.  Which to me is excellent.  This is also the most expensive time of the year to be honest.  Next week, they stop providing lunch for the students.  Even though the teachers still have to work, we have to bring in Obentos.  Also this time of the year is the teacher parties.  There are several I believe.  I am excited this year I was invited to one each from both schools.  YAY!!!  One school, I was starting to think they didn’t like me.  This time of the year is very busy and not busy at the same time.  Which is interesting.  But along with this time of the year as the classes close, we have to give some kind of closure to each class.  Most of the classes we give the end of the year kansou (feedback).  I don’t know how I feel about doing that.  Because it is always a very generic speech.  Mainly because I forget what has happened over there year.  The only thing I do remember is individual interactions and growth.  How the shy kids now talk…..  Stuff like that.  Or if the class is a rough class, then I remember the kids that gave me hell the entire year.  I have some kids like that.  Overall I think my kids are awesome but there are a handful I want to pluck in the head.  And that changes two that I remember who were a pain in my rectum changed when they changed grades.  Don’t know why, but I’m not gonna complain about that.  At one of my schools they do something a little different.  While I still give a kansou, the students give me this booklet.  As like a thank you for your hard work.  The kids just write a little message on a little card.  And it’s the cutest thing ever.  It is given to me in a very cute fashion.  After the class is finish we do the ending greeting and then you hear these whispers.  Some of the classes have organized this little speech.  Even though I know what is coming I am still very excited.  Everyone loves to feel appreciated of course.  But it’s cute coming from the kids.  And the teacher puts in a lot of effort.  It also shows things that people don’t say. Which is cute. While reading the cards there was a 3rd grade student who has said maybe two words to me in class but wrote a sentence better than a 6th grader.  Anyway, it’s a cute gesture and I appreciate it.


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