Well…..maybe I have attachment issues.  : )  Today is the first day of my spring vacation and in two weeks the new school year will start.  I am excited and a bit scared as well.  In Japan as well as Korea the teachers don’t stay at the same job very long.  It is a little frustrating to be honest.  As an American I am use to people staying in the same job for over 20 or 30 years.  And by same job I mean same company, same position and so forth.  My kindergarten teacher taught me, my cousin who is roughly nine years older than me and my other cousin who is 6 years younger than me.  This is the type of thing I am use to.  People don’t change jobs as quickly back home.  When I was going to the 5 grade, I knew of several options of teachers that I could possibly have.  At my school there were 4 options.  So as a child I am use to that consistency.  But not here in Japanese schools.  Teacher’s change grades every year and often teacher changes schools.  They tend to stay longer than in Korea.  There the average is about two years at one school.  Some of my teachers stayed at the same school for roughly 6 years.  My VP was at the same school for about 10 years.  But yesterday at the end of the year for some reason there was so many teachers who changed schools.  At one of my schools there were 9 people to change.  At the other there were 5 people maybe more to change.  So in total at least 14 people.  While that doesn’t sound like a whole lot to the average, it does to me.  For the past year and a half I have been taking the time to slowly get to know my co-workers.  It wasn’t easy becoming comfortable with some of them in the beginning because of cultural differences and language barriers.  Also it was my first time teaching in public schools in Japan.  (The system is waaaay different from Korea)  Anyway I think very highly about my teachers because I learn a lot about Japan through the teachers and the students.  I learn the language as well as cultural things.  I think yesterday bothered me because a LOT of the teachers I was close to are leaving.  So it’s odd that someone I was close with, I will probably never see again.  Only by chance.  It’s strange to me.  I really dislike goodbye’s.  But it seems that Asian people are really use to it.  If you think about it since in Elementary school they are shifting around so much, the kids are use to the constant change.  Also use to the fact that they may NEVER see their teacher or friend again.  Interesting.  Well with that being said….here’s to a new year and new people to meet…for a short time


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