I have done several videos on this.  But since I have been in Japan, I have had the hardest time trying to find things to wear.  What is the hardest for me are the bottoms.  Specifically the pants and stockings.  I and several of my friend have had difficulties trying to find pants and stockings that fit.  It is quite annoying.  What ends up happening is that maybe they will fit the leg but it doesn’t go all the way up.  It’s quite the sight to see.  But it is so frustrating.  I am only 5’4 but I have a small torso and a lot of leg.  In my two years of being here in Japan I have had so much trouble.  Well now it’s becoming an urgent issue because all of the clothes I have come here with now have holes or faded or such.  Pitiful!!  Anyway I finally found a solution to my problem.  FINALLY.  A few months ago I stumbled across the online store of Nissen.  Which is kinda similar to Ebay.  It has different shops and such.  Well I am super happy to discover that one of the stores that I really like to go to actually has a boutique in Tokyo.  I am elated.  I am so happy that I am posting about it now before going to the store to do the proper investigating.  LOL~  To be honest, I have a lot of faith in it.  I have been pretty satisfied so far.  I assume my biggest problem is gonna be the prices.  But I’M READY!!


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