End of the year parties

I am back again so soon this time.  Here’s to keeping this up.  Today was a pretty busy day for me.  As this month has been a very busy one.  It is December here and in Japan they are full of Bonenkais.  Which is pretty much an End of the year party.  I don’t know the literal translation.  And the interesting thing about these parties is that every group you know will have them.  And what I mean by group is a club you are a part of, your job, your group of friends and so on.  It is a lot of fun, but they can become time consuming.  So I have been to only two so far but I will possibly attend two more in the near future.  Possibly a more popular person will spend the entire month of December drunk.  Ha!  Good luck to them.  I think they are a great to bond with your co-workers, but I think that is just having alcohol around in general.  Not working and the presence of Alcohol.  Now these parties do have a meaning.  Basically from what I heard these parties mean that we all forget what happened this year and start the next one anew.  Especially with people that you have had problems with.  You let your problems go and start over again.  Which I think is a good attempt.  Tonight’s party was with my Japanese class.  It was quite interesting.  We played a game of bingo and talked a bit.  There was quite a bit of food and some drinks.  I tried Ume shu for the first time.  It was quite delicious.  I recommend it.  I won a wreath in the bingo game.  

I was excited.  This wreath is something you use for the new year.  It is to symbolize good luck.  I am excited for the next party, I will play Candy Land.  Lol….. Bottom line, since Christmas in Japan isn’t particularly homey, these parties are a good way to spend time with friends.  Also as a chance to get to know some new people.


Christmas in Japan

Good morning everyone this is Keva it has been a long time. And I’m too lazy to type this entry. I know I pop up every blue moon. I am trying to get better at being social. I am really trying. I promise. Hang in there with me. Anyway today’s topic is about Christmas in Japan. (Lol the southern twang and Siri don’t get along, so I have to type. BOOOO). Anyway. I have heard a lot of people talk about Christmas in Japan and how they hate it. Me on the other hand I don’t mind it. Japan is not a Christian country in fact majority of the people I have spoken with don’t have a religion at all. Here Christmas is a holiday celebrated among couples. You eat a cake and some chicken and you exchange inexpensive gifts. That’s pretty much it. But you do see some decorations up and you hear Christmas music in stores. For me I find that to be enough. Maybe this makes me a bad Christian but it doesn’t have the meaning it once did. I have become desensitized so to speak. I have not have the “Christmas spirit” since 2010/2011 somewhere in there. When I wasn’t celebrating with my family or the children of my family. To actually feel the love that you typically feel while celebrating in a western country. This year I will exchange gifts with friends, attend Christmas concerts and services and that is enough for me. I am quite happy with that.


Troubles for the introvert.

I am a good nine months in my Japanese life. And I must say it’s alright. It is great when I look at it overall but I can complain if you want me to. I CAN COMPLAIN. : )

Nah~ right now I have an open class and not much to do so I decided to come back and write. Today’s topic is to tell a story. Now here is a little background on me. Whether my close friends believe it or not I am quite introverted. I often avoid social interaction or I use to. Sometimes i don’t want to or feel like talk and i rather sit in the corner with my thoughts. Regardless of how negative/positive or random they are. These days I don’t hide as much as I use to. But as a western person living and working in both Korea and Japan having that type of personality generally clashes with some of the situations you run across.

Prime example TODAY!! This morning when I arrived I reread my schedule and I noticed a period labeled School Event At first I decided to start writing this entry as it says in the above paragraph then shortly after I decided I wanted to go see what was happening (I have a short attention span) So I shuffled my way out to the school grounds (after changing my shoes of course) and watched my students do stuff on the grounds. Now I say do stuff because I had no idea what was happening. I just saw a sea of red and white hats running around and doing something to this song by the group GREEEEEN. And then it happened. My Japanese teacher was walking in my direction. At first I was like…ignore,ignore,ignore maybe she is going inside. Then you can just say Hi or something. But…NOPE. She was heading towards me. And eventually asked me to join in on the festivities. Which was a dance. -___- CRAAAAP that’s what I get for being nosey. So I joined the dance which was fairly easy and fumbling around with the kids was fun but then I realized that since I did it in the practice I’m probably gonna be fumbling through this dance again during the actual event. Which means in front of the parents. AWE-SOME.

This sorta thing is a common occurrence for me. As a westerner in an Asian country you stand out a bit. I still don’t care much for it but I have learned to just go with the punches. It happened way more in Korea or it feels like it did. Maybe it feels that way because in Korea I was more excited about living in another country and wanted to go out everywhere. Here I am just here, living, chilling enjoying life.

So I’m back…..again

“It’s been a long time, i shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to, step to step to~”  Anyway…it has.  I’ve been contemplating continuing.  I’m lazy as hell.  Now the videos….idk.  I will need to editing practice anyway, so maybe I will get around to something.  But alright I’m writing today to give the 6 of you who actually read this an over view of what i’ve been doing here.  So for the past month I’ve been living in Yokohama, Japan.

My house

I live in a loft on the 2nd story of this building.  It’s awesome so far.  I like it because there is a separation of living room, bedroom, and kitchen.  Which is great for me.  My ‘hood is actually the suburbs.  I have a way with living in towns slightly outside of the city.  Never actually “in” the city. I live in what i believe is South western part of Yokohama.  It’s not bad over here.  It’s quiet.  Near me is a slightly bigger neighborhood.  It takes a short bus ride and I’m there.  There are places to shop there etc.

Well so far I have been testing out things.  I have falling in love with the “local”, “rapid” and “express” trains.  It took me a while to get the handle on it, but now that i got it.  HOT DAMN~  It’s fairly convenient.  The only problem is at night where everyone is trying to stuff themselves on this train to get home quickly.  But i’ve got a system with going to work, that is quite great.  I also love conbinis however it’s spelled.  It’s awesome, you can pay your bills there, do expensive grocery shopping.  There is one across from my work, that everyone goes too.  But i am going to try to stop doing so because i want to start saving my money more.

Lastly my life is moving right along.  I have a system working here.  Or starting to get a system.  Also I’ve started taking Japanese classes.  For some reason that was like the best thing ever for me.  Well I am taking this class and i am still contemplating kickboxing.  I want to, but i am lazy in the morning…like seriously lazy.  But if i do join something i will make myself get up.  My apartment is all set up….lol sponsored by Nitori.  That’s where all of my furniture comes from.  But so far so good.  I am getting along.

Except there are two things I can’t stand.

1. Shinjuku station.  That place is of the devil.  HATE.IT!

2. When people talk to me wearing those mask.  I know, I know it’s apart of their culture.  But I can’t hear Japanese very well. And  when people are talking through those mask, I can hear even less.  So I always lean in more, but they wear them because they’re sick, so they’re not trying to have me leaning all in their face.  Bottom line….it’s awkward.

What my school and neighborhood looks like

It feels like my editing has taken a step back since I am using a different editing software.  Anyway, i’ll get to learn this one and i’ll be alright.  But don’t mind all of that stuff…here’s some of the video i took before leaving Korea. 

I’m Outta here

So here’s the deal….This website is gonna change.  When I first arrived to Korea years ago, I wanted to vlog.  What ended up happening there was I recorded a video my night before leaving to Korea.  But it didn’t get anywhere.  My computer at that time was a desktop…so I couldn’t take it with me.  At that time i also didn’t understand that you can only time a few items with you on the plan.  So I had to leave that.  Because of that my mother took over my computer and who knows where those things are.  So that idea was thrown out of the window.  But this time it will not be so I have already started.  With some of the things about Korea.  This first video is just me and my friend yapping about me leaving Korea and how we felt about that.  Next I will post the video of my job and neighborhood. How it looked and etc.  But most of my post will be videos these days

My Korean life through music

So, my friend just posted her blog and that made me think about my own.  I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while so it’s about time i finally do so.  As it comes close to the time for me to leave Korea, I’ve honestly been in denial.  I’ve been focusing more on what’s in front of me than what I’m leaving behind.  I’m already relatively stressed I don’t need anything else affecting it.  Anyway what this particular entry will be about is the Korean songs that if I hear outside of Korea, I may shed a tear.  The song that I may have hated at the time but the fun that was going on in my life the time that it was out takes away from the hate.  Which in my case is typically not hate….just me ragging on the song.  Anyway….most of these songs are from early on in my time in Korea. I guess because it’s from so long ago that when I hear it I go “awwww” .  There are many but imma stick to 10 of them.  First song…..is definitely not Gangnam Style.  That song is super huge, so i know in a few years when i hear that song i may shed a tear.  But not now, now I just want it to go away.  Anyway song #1 Wheesung-Insomnia.   This song came up shortly after arriving in Korea.  I remember this playing in this club in DaeJeon.  That club was just starting and it didn’t even last long.  And I would always make my co-workers dance to it.  lol poor guys.   song #2 2pm-Heartbeat   At my first school the kids had to perform at the end of ever week (I worked at a camp) and there were a crap ton of students that performed this song.  It just grew on me. song #3 Big Bang & 2NE1- Lollipop…..this was my shit.  After this song was released in school people just wanted to interrupt each other just so they can say “Nah, that’s how we do it.”  Or at least i did.  : ) .  Song #4 DJ Doc- Run to you.  This song was release way before I arrived in Korea, but they use to play this in the bar all the time.   And some of the people I was hanging out with really liked the song, so it grew on me too.  But the Koreans would flip out to this song too…it was fun to watch and be apart of.  After watching the video though….it’s quite an interesting video.. Song #5 SHINee-Lucifer  apparently this one time I was on the train heading to this K-pop concert and I was singing this pretty loud.  although I don’t recall this EVER happening but I was made fun of for a while because of it.  .  Song #6 B2st- Shock.  Beast was out before and remember just kinda ignoring them.  But then they came back with Shock and everyone was into this song.  I like this song because with the same group that I associate Shock with we use to do this song in the NoraeBang all the time and there was a dance that went along with it. It was cool.  This song and Fiction I remember hearing at their concert and had to hide a bit from my friend as I had to fight the tears.   Song #7 SNSD- Run Devil Run.  Since Ke$ha has an English version of this song, my co-workers and I found this song quite useful.  We would play this during one of the game and the kids would get all excited and then Ke$ha would start singing and everyone would be like “Da Hell”  Also one of my good friends had a scavenger hunt for her birthday.  I ended up singing this song and doing the dance in the middle of Dunsan one a party night (can’t remember if it was Friday or Saturday) Song#8 2NE1- I’m the best.  This song was from my 3rd year at Jangya.  I hated this song when it was out, but mainly because the kids made me hate it.  I would stand in front of the class and say something like “Okay guys, turn to page 197.”  One kid in particular would answer. “No, no, no, no, nah, nah, nah, nah~”  The kids would laugh for a bit and then we start…the first time i laughed too like “Aha I see what you did there.”  But after a while, I was like MAN I HATE THAT SONG.  Song #9 MissA- Bad Girl Good girl.  As thought this group was cool when they first started, especially when I realized that Min was a singer I watched years ago on youtube.  When the first came out the people on Allkpop went in on one of the Chinese girls and it made me a bit mad so I am happy for their success.  Also the girls would try to perform this song.  The dances in this song is NOT for little girls to perform but when I would try to shoot it down, I seemed to be the only one.  Myself and the other foreign teachers.  Young girls doing this dance around their male counterparts is bad enough but with adult males in the room it was kinda awkward.  There were many songs like that but this one stands out to me.   Song #10 G-Dragon-HeartBreaker.  I was G-Dragon for Halloween my first year here in Korea.  It was so much fun.  When the song came on I would run around and to a dance.  I had groupies also.  : )   But I’m not a fan of G-Dragon but this song also grew on me.   Extra song: TVXQ- Rising Sun.  Anything by these guys would probably make me tear a bit.  As these were my boys.  I picked this one because I’ve tried this song more than once in the NoraeBang and it always ends up in me making a bunch of noise and screaming WHYYYYYYYYYYYY~ lol.  It was so much fun though.    I know i am missing a crap ton of songs.  It was over 3 years.  : )  But the memories of these ten kinda stand out.  So this is how I want to leave Korea.  Ignoring some of the things that I’ve found annoying about this place and focusing on the memories.  The friends I’ve made, especially the ones I will keep and the fun I had while I was here.

Yes……it is time (well almost)

So I’m sitting here….I have about 45 minutes at work and I don’t really know what to do with myself.  I am a bit exhausted….well my eyes are.  From staring at a computer all day, when I go home i will continue to stare at it some more maybe even a  TV and such.  Also I have a bad habit of falling asleep in the afternoon and being awake all damn day.  This happened to me last night, boo to me.  I do it so much, it’s kinda embarassing.  I guess  should just start going to bed early like my older sister and mother does.  they tend to be n the bed super early so much so that it was a running joke for years.  What’s going on in my world. Really, nothing but so much at the same time.  I have about 6 weeks left in Korea and I’m still hearing the crap about me not being able to get stuff.  For example my plane ticket.   It was said I would be able to get it but now there is a chance I won’t be……..W.T.H.  So I was angry but it’s no point.  Either I do or I don’t not enough time to run home now and get a part time job while I waited for my visa and junks.  Thanks for that.  Either way I know I can’t depend on them to get it because there is a chance that I won’t…..and who in the hell knows the percentage.  Like f the odds are in my favor or not.   I don’t think that counts here.  They really wanted me to stay, but,  I have other things I want to see…sorry it’s time t go.  I am good at my job and there aren’t many people lined up after the “super exciting” job that I have. If there were I think me leaving would be much easier, like it was for the last two.  Honestly, I’m not in the mood to get upset and argue about this situation.  Either they will or they won’t it’s in GOD’s hands.  I just have to be prepared for what’s next in ether situation.  Anyway, I can’t remember when was the last time i wrote but I did get the job in Japan…::::insert weak & tired victory dance:::: that clip isn’t weak, it’s pretty cool but still…..i’m still too tired.  I’m crazy excited about getting the job and is psyched about getting to Japan.  I am just in limbo with this Visa…. : (  I hope it comes quick.  I was missing one document but i sent it anyhow.  I was told to do so.  But that one has yet to get to Japan though.  I am hoping tomorrow.  Then it would be slightly over a week.  I’m not really for sure how long packages take from one place to the other.  Right now I can’t help but to be annoyed with Korea…but it’s only because i feel like I am in Limbo.  My new chapter will be starting soon and i have to wait….damn it i have to WAIT like 3 months or so.  : ((.   I am crazy happy to be involved with the film group that I have forced my way into.  I don’t even know what I’m doing but it’s great.  The people I’ve worked with from the group so far has been really cool.  So when I leave Korea, I will be sad to leave that.  My well needed outlet that took me a stinky 3 1/2 years to find.  I hope I can get involved with a similar group in Tokyo.  But my networking skills suck.  Anyway.  I really am just rambling because…. I can I suppose.  Most of my friends who find out I am heading to Japan told me to become a vlogger.  There are many in Japan.  There is one guy who has been in Japan around 22 years and he’s kinda the leader of them all.  I don’t think he even meant to be he just is.  He’s a nice guy I enjoy watching him.  But I suck at doing this blog and it’s just writing.  Anyway we’ll see.  I’m sure I’ll do a video or so just showing people what my stuff is like.  So what about guitar training, I’m so glad you ask.  I miss it.  I haven’t been going because I couldn’t even master the damn power chords which are suppose to be so easy.  So I was frustrated and I felt like I was wasting my teacher’s time.  But I bought me a stress ball and I have been trying to strengthen my hands….. but we’ll see.  As I said earlier I kinda got 6 weeks maybe…and I’m already kinda stressed about other things.

Where is the benefit in modesty?

I’ve been meaning to write a post similar to this.  These days i’ve been a bit busy, but these things have been on my mind.  In one month I will be 29 years old.  I still look the same as I did when I first arrived to Korea, which is awesome for me.  But as I am constantly looking at ways to improve myself I am constantly looking back on my life.  I’ve noticed that in many of my years I have been overlooked in many things.  I had a spell where I wanted to be a rapper (the youth and their dreams) among other things I’ve situations in which people have either completely passed me over or doubted my ability until I proved them wrong which in most cases I do.  Not with the rapper though, I’m too nerdy to be a rapper…I was attempting to do this before the rise of nerdy black people like Donald Glover and such.  Anyway, these situations have happened a lot to me in my life.  I’ve found myself having to prove myself on many occasions.  Well I had to sit back and think about it.  I blame most of these situations on my modesty.  I was raised in a place where people were very modest.  Where people spoke like “Well I ain’t got the rent today but at least I got my health.”  This statement may be true but for some reason I can’t help but to feel like when people do that they’re dismissing themselves.  Kind of putting themselves on the back burner.  That’s great that you have your health, but HEY you got a major problem on your hands with not having a rent, you may need to handle that.  I am sure there is another perspective to this, but that’s just how I feel about it.  I am use to people talking like that but when I left my hometown people step all across people like that.  Specifically people like me.  For many years, I was unsure, modest, passive, but a intelligent, stubborn fighter at my core.  So when I left the familiar it was difficult and look it took many years to change two of those first three adjectives in my favor.  I’ve become quite confident in who i am and my abilities, and not passive, if I care about it I will speak on it if not I put it in the trivial pile and choose not to care…what I haven’t gotten a grip on is modesty.  Modest is great to a degree.  If you are too modest you get walked over, which is bad, and if you’re not modest enough you’re cocky and that too is bad.  What is the line, where does it fall?  You know when you think about it, I think it’s people who know their place.  That sounds kinda bad but I mean when you know you, you know your strengths and weaknesses.  So you know when to be confident and when to sit back and learn.  I don’t know…that sounds pretty legit, but I guess I have to do more observing.  Anyway on to something else….I had a lazy Tuesday today.  Today I only taught one class.  So instead of driving myself up a wall being bored on the internet, I brought my computer to work and I got some editing done.  Now I’m editing only on Premiere, just so I can learn it.  I normally use Final Cut Pro.  So today I didn’t get THAT much work done.  I got maybe 5 minutes into my friend’s travel video and I worked on my directing class project.  Which edited great but it turned out wrong because i missed two requirements.  I will go tomorrow and take some stock footage, hopefully that will fix it.  But meh, it’s almost time for work to finish imma wrap this up now.

So, the nails must go……

in order to play guitar.  At least on my left hand.  I kinda knew that but I was in denial.  Good ol’ classic denial.  Tuesday of this week I attended my first guitar lesson.  It was amusing to say the least.  I am not a guitarist.  So wrapping my fingers around the guitar to get the notes was not easy for me AT ALL…..and when i finished practice my left arm was in a bit of pain.  What will happen is i’m going to have an extremely buff left arm.  I am just learning the basic notes.  My homework was to clean those up.  I am worried if I can achieve that goal in time.  Playing the guitar is much more frustrating than I expected.  So I tip my hats to those who play.  Hmm…i will continue to try.  Some of the notes I can get pretty well.  Specifically the easy ones like E major.  That’s easy.  But when it comes to C….i want to shout all sorts of obscenities..but I’ll hang in there.  Which brings me to my point….hanging in there….I have the attention span of a gold fish at times.  Sometimes I can’t sit still.  I also get bored very easily with life…..sometimes I get bored with groups of people or doing the same thing over and over again with them rather.  Basically routine is hard for me to keep.  Don’t know why exactly that’s just who i am.  It’s bad in certain areas for example dieting, when I diet for long periods of time, I will stop….idk because it’s not working…or i think it’s not working.  It reminds me of this one picture… yeah that’s me a lot of the time.  My attention span doesn’t help.  It’s so bad that I can’t even finish this post without going back on facebook and commenting on other people’s crap.    So long story short….I’m stubbornly working on it.  It’s a must that I get over that and learn to focus in on SOMETHING and stick with it.  Even when it comes to guys, truthfully speaking I tend to not stick to ONE guy for very long and along with some other flaws, perfectionism for example…i tend to push people away or run away myself.  VERY VERY bad habit of mine.  Sometimes a short attention span is great for adventures but other times it isn’t.  Anyway…i’m working on it…I’m doing much better though I will say this.  Like I am trying to force myself to become a morning person.  How?  By going to bed much earlier and waking up and going on a job.  Which turned into a walk this morning because i had on the wrong kind of pants.  They kept sliding off.  Anyway…I actually have a lot going on in my world right now.  I will g on a few interviews, I will attending a film meeting FINALLY….geez some mornings I am just too tired to get up and travel two hours…this time I will meet with the editor on my team for the 48 hour film fest.  I am a bit excited…I’ve been wanting to go to the film but sometimes…I’m too lazy.  And this week it’s Chuseok, so I will take a break.